You lose yourself in one of the most beautiful spots on the Costa Brava. The sun caresses your eyes, the landscape bewitches you, and you are helplessly captivated by the azure of the sea. The perfume of the Mediterranean mingles with the aromas of the Restaurant, which has been teasing you for a while now. You yield to temptation. It is impossible to resist. You emerge contented. You take a leisurely stroll among the Seafront Promenade. You do not want to leave. You enter the Hotel and you fall instantly in love with the unrivalled view that charmed you earlier on. You make it yours. Tomorrow morning the Sun will rise before you. You will be able to flirt with it. You are enthused by the idea. You want to proclaim your discovery from the rooftops. Your thoughts turn to your partner, your family, your friends,… you are delighted by the apartments and you smile. You know that you will bring them here so that, like you, they also may dream.