The oldest hotel in Tamariu

Since 1930

To explain the beginnings of our small family hotel, we must go back and go beyond the 1930s, when my grandparents, Josep and Leonor, opened a tavern in this idyllic coastal town that is Tamariu. José was a fisherman and, since at that time there was no lack of fish, Leonor began to cook for the people who came down from Palafrugell, especially people who dedicated themselves to the world of cork and its elaboration, and who wanted to enjoy the peace of the beach of Tamariu.

Also, around that time, foreign families decided to come to spend a few days off, and that was when they decided to expand the offer by preparing some rooms. From their children, Cándida, my mother, was the one who was the most attracted to the kitchens and with Luis, my father, they continued to expand the business, following the footsteps of their parents.

Meanwhile, my brother Luis and I, Fina, have been nourishing, from a young age, of the world of hospitality industry and as time passed by, together with our couples, Carmen and Salvador, we continued working in here for many years and together we started renewing. When my brother and Carmen decided to retire, my husband and I, together with our three children, took over and under the baton of the youngsters we got ahead and gave it a point of modernity.

Now, and due to life circumstances, it is my daughters, Susan and Anna, who are leading enthusiastically the business, and I hope and wish that one of my four grandchildren comes out with the will to fight so that what their ancestors did during so many years and with full dedication and enthusiasm don’t get lost.

Fina Trilla